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Why am I being asked to re-download my book? How do I continue listening offline?

Occasionally, updates to the Chirp app or the audio files for a particular book require that the book be re-downloaded for offline listening. While this should be infrequent, sometimes multiple downloaded books may need to be updated at the same time. This help article explains how to check which books need to be re-downloaded, and how to complete this process.

Downloaded books use storage space on your device. Chirp recommends removing downloaded audio files for books that you’ve finished. These books will remain available in your library for streaming, but you can enable our remove downloads feature to automatically delete the audio files from your device.

If a book that you’ve previously downloaded need to be updated via a re-download, then you’ll see an icon indicating that on the My Library screen in the app. The re-download icon is shown in the screenshot below.

To update your book so that you can continue to listen to it while offline, please follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the 3 dots to the right of the book title on the My Library screen to open the actions menu.
  2. Look for the red re-download icon and tap the “Download Updated Audio” option.
  3. Your book will automatically begin to update, and should complete within a few minutes (download speeds depend on your internet connection as well as the size of the audiobook file).
  4. When the book has been successfully re-downloaded, you’ll see a green cloud icon underneath the title on the My Library screen.

Have questions about this process or your Chirp audiobooks? We’re happy to help! You can reach us here: Contact Us.

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